“11 Intense Syria Photos From The 18-Year-Old Photojournalist Who Died In Action”

Eighteen-year-old photojournalist Molhem Barakat was killed in a battle for control of Aleppo’s al-Kindi Hospital on December 20th, 2013.

The Syrian teenager had been photographing the war with equipment provided by Reuters since May 2013 — and his death has generated uncomfortable questions for the news agency, as covered by David Kenner at Foreign Policy.



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PhotoShelter‘s latest digital book “The Photographer’s Guide to Facebook,” which includes one of my favourite photographers Tomas van Houtryve Photography‘s Facebook page as an example of successful social media use. Click the link below to obtain a free PDF copy of the guide, with tips for attracting and engaging social media audiences.

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To coincide with Paris Photo’s opening, French newspaper Libération has chosen to remove all images from its 14 November issue in a bid to show the power and importance of photography at a time when the industry is facing unprecedented challenges, say the newspaper’s editors

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People talk about image fatigued when it comes to images of conflict. And I’m one of them…loads of photographers become a cliche and it gets very hard to related to such tried and tested images of War, Conflict – guys with guns. I believe photos like this engage and communicate a hell of a lot more and if I were a conflict photographer I would spend my days focused on the human adaption to war creating story after story on the periphery. Capa and his ‘close enough’ tag is often interpreted to getting in there and following guys with guns …I reckon, as the late Tim Heatherington said – to witness is not enough anymore – and for me, with the use of multimedia, or at the very least audio slides shows a way to go about documenting whats happening to tell a truthful story is to be close enough to the periphery.

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