iPhone Photo Book

#SANDY is a book of iPhone Photos of Hurricane Sandy by acclaimed photographers to be published by Daylight Books in October 2014. 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Occupy Sandy to support their rebuilding efforts in the New York City area.

Last October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated communities in the New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. In response, Foley Gallery and photographer Wyatt Gallery organized an exhibition of iPhone photographs of the storm by acclaimed documentary and fine art photographers. Hundreds of people attended the one night event and almost 400 photographs were purchased. We were able to donate $19,000 in sales to Occupy Sandy and Third Wave Volunteers.

As the first year anniversary approaches, many residents are still struggling to regain normal living conditions. In order to remind the public that people are still in need of assistance and to raise money to support rebuilding efforts, we are producing this groundbreaking book.

Photographers featured in the book are:

Benjamin Lowy
Stephen Wilkes
Ed Kashi
Richard Renaldi
Hank Willis Thomas
Lyle Owerko
Wyatt Gallery
Ruddy Roye
Michael Christopher Brown
Giles Clarke
Andrew Quilty
Craig Wetherby
Erica Simone
13th Witness
Sam Horine
Yosra El-Essawy
Stanley Lumax
Nicole Sweet
Dylan Chandler
Brent Bartley



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