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This picture of photographers fleeing a shelling was taken in March 2011 in Ras Lanuf, Libya.

In the same second, the second picture was taken. It won first prize in the 2012 World Press Photo awards for “Spot News Singles.”

First photo: One month into Libya’s 2011 revolution against then-dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi, five foreign journalists were photographed running for cover as government planes bombarded a checkpoint near the coastal town of Ras Lanuf. Only the blue jeans of Russian photographer Yuri Kozyrev are visible here because he lingered to take a last shot of the chaos. Two of the fleeing photographers, Americans Lynsey Addario (fist photo: far left) and Tyler Hicks (first photo: right, wearing glasses) would be kidnapped by Qaddafi loyalists four days later and held for a week; Kozyrev’s photo, the second above, would win first prize in the 2012 World Press Awards for Spot News Singles.


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