Taslima Akhter: Bangladeshi building collapse

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 16.27.31

Taslima Akhter is a Bangladeshi photographer and activist.

I hope this images does more than win the world press photo award. Its very telling that the photo was taken by an activist rather than a news/wire photographer. I’m glade Time have found the photographer I saw it floating around on the web a week ago with no credit. I sure this images will become photo will become a huge picture [like Pablo Bartholomew bhopal image] that will hopefully create a real differences in the realm of Bangladeshi corruption, bureaucracy, ineffective legal system and poor health and safely standards that played a big part in this tragic event along with big name brands turning a blind eye to the inevitable .

Nice to see my old boss Shahidul having a comment on the picture,


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