Brave New Worlds

OUTSTANDING radio! a must listen for a good majority of us:

Journalist and broadcaster Steve Richards presents a three part series examining the News. From bulletins to rolling news and citizen journalism – what News was, what it is now and what it will become.

What makes something News and something else not? Is the News a public service, a cycle, an entertainment built on sensation, a constant rush of ‘breaking’ news or a form of national communion and shared belonging? Driven by changes in technology and in news culture itself, and as the news cycle becomes ever faster, the question of what News is also concerns how we consume it and who ‘we’ are becoming as a result.

The series talks to reporters, journalists, editors, news producers and experts including Jon Snow, Alistair Campbell, Adam Boulton, editors Sarah Sands and Ceri Thomas, Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes), Ed Stourton and psychotherapist Adam Phillips.

Episode 3 (of 3): Brave New Worlds
Steve Richards looks beyond the official news cycle to explore what news might become as informal outlets continue to multiply, digitally and online, and as revolutions in technology underwrite the very content of news: the rise of the citizen journalist, the phenomenon of pre-emptive news and the relatively new psychic disorder of news ‘addiction’.

Produced by Simon Hollis
A Brook Lapping production for BBC Radio 4.


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