World Press 2011 photo goes on Tshirt

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Interesting debate or rant around the issue of the 2011 world press photo of the year (a Yemeni mother embracing her son as he suffers with the burning pain of tear gas) taken by Samuel Arunda’s being used for an album cover and tshirt…the photographer response to the article below:

First of all, I don´t understand that you publish an article about me, without contacting me in advance to ask for my answer. Is not really ethical in journalism, in case that you are a journalist. The language that you used is pure sensationalism. The answer to this “polemic” that you are trying to create is easy, I still in contact with the woman and her son, and they were agree on this. Also it was a personal interest from the music group to put the focus on this persons that during the last two years are fighting for their rights. So, I don´t see the problem anywhere, everybody was agree, and this photo published in the front of the album will arrive to many youth that will know about Yemen and the suffering of the civilians in this country.

Reminds me of one of my first interactions with ‘photojournalism’ – “Hands” by photographer Michael Wells which was the cover photo of the Dead Kennedy’s album Plastic Surgery Disasters.


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