Arles 2012, epic fail!

epic fail! as the kids on youtube would say. Ive never been to the well known photography festival in France and so i live vicariously through the media to get a grasp of what goes on there…and by reading article all does not seem well.

‘torn by internal dissent, the departure of certain festival officials, the dashed ambitions and broken dreams: it was a revealing failure. The festival is not open to the new developments in photography, new technology, new names and faces. Film is gone. We have to stop clinging to it like some grail with the power to grant new life. How does parchment paper compare to the printing press? The former might be precious and sublime, but it’s obsolete. Photography has changed. There were more pictures taken in the past five years than in the first 170 years. New technologies are thriving, but in Arles they were nowhere to be seen.’


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