Today June 4th 2012 I’m in China posting this post using special software to access my blog, google above image [Charles Cole photo] and put a link to a documentary about the protest movement [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB70mWXrzEE] that most people dont know happen all across China not just in Beijing – 23 years ago. Back then there where a lot of urban dwellers who truly believed the authorities could be changed…today that believe, after the subsequent crackdown in the name of ‘stability’ that still applies today, is buried deep inside the passive consumerism that has taken over from the frustrations people once voiced 23 years ago…tankman and his shopping bags serve as an oddly ironic image in today’s context while remaining a power image iconic to its place in time that a large amount of Chinese people don’t recognise.

If you know your CCP history you will know who this high ranking official is (that later disappeared down the CCP ‘memory hole’) that tearfully addressed protesters down on the ground knowing what was to come…and if you take a look at his bewildered aide on his right you may recognise current  prime minister Wen Jiabao.


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