…out of the phone hacking scandal [in the UK] has come a blunt truth that has been neglecting for decades – BBC Newsnight debate

NewsnightDo newspapers have a future, particularly the tabloids:

Tim LuckhurstYou raise an interesting point [phone hacking] is simply not the biggest problem facing journalism. The biggest problem facing journalism is that many regional and quality broadsheet newspapers are virtually bankrupt. The consequences of multimedia convergence has been to completely undermine the advertising market and we face a situation that the sanctimonious condemnation of popular tabloid journalism risks damaging the only newspaper in this country that are profitable in this country, the red top blue top tabloid newspapers, whilst ignoring the reality where those newspapers to die we would almost have no newspaper press left in this country – the Guardian which exposed this [story] is losing nearly a hundred thousand pounds a day, the Independent is supported by the generousness of its owner, the Times is subsided by the Sun we face a real crises in British journalism its about economics not about hacking.

Mark LewisIt is and it isn’t …

– Tim Luckhurst former editor of the Scotsman and Prof of journalism at university of Kent

– Mark Lewis who representing some of the phone hacking victims


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