Photographer Jason Larkin & writer Jack Shenker have produced an interesting project using the newspaper format in a ‘long news’ direction. Text and image work in an almost ‘anti instant news’ mindset. Post Egyptian revolution the newspaper as a whole can be seen, by way of focusing on the images, as a document of what created the unrest… and the writing is a well crafted piece of informative and precise journalism with an enlightening accessible quality. The design is great, on the [western, left-right] front/back is the english translation of the 6,000 word essay and on the other [right-left] back/front is the Arabic – in short, I’m a big fan.

For more info on the project visit this link

To see a video of the talk Larkin did at the frontline club use this linkI

…I wish I had asked a question I thought of after the talk ‘Do photojournalists need revolutions to survive?’


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