Objectivity – Subjectivity?@%$

Taking a Stance: Advocacy, Journalism and Human Rights was the title of a discussion I went to the other night at the Amnesty centre in London.

Colin Jacobson, Gideon Mendel, Jessica Crombie, Fiona Rogers and Max Houghton where on the panel .

I was happy the debate had moved on from last years reoccurring topic of ‘…is photojournalism dead’ or ‘does the camera ever lie’. Ideals and pragmatic approaches to financing and outlet-ing photojournalism where topics up for discussion.  I was delighted to learn that Citizen Journalism has been rebranded Citizen Documentary and that photographers really shouldn’t expect a living and should definitely get with the multimedia/blogger times possibly getting actively into photography as activism to compensate for the Daily Mail. Subjectivity in the proliferay and Objectivity in the frame. So to speak.

Max Houghton said something that made me think then agree with – in continuation from Tim Hetherington’s remark that Witnessing was no longer enough, Max readjusted the idea by saying Witnessing has changed and the trust we once had for our papers has diminished.


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