Documentary ay? Alejandro Chaskielberg

The High Tide

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I hated these images the instant I saw them. Photoshop’ed, crassly composed, ill focused, staged photos was my gut feeling. But without further a- do I must admit what a massive narrow minded wanker I was being. Slowly and when I say slowly I mean 30minutes looking at Alejandro Chaskielberg series of work on the Parana river delta, Argentina at the Brighton Photo Biennial which tag line is/was ‘New Documents’… I came around to the brilliance of the work and the debate of documentary photography that will possibly rattle on for a good while concerning Chaskielberg’s work if he continues to work in the way that he presents in the series ‘The Hight Tide’.

Chaskielberg shot at moonlight to create these images on a 4×5 camera. The concept itself of tide and moon light really does get the story across highlighting the subject of his picture; the moon dictating the tide which inturn ditacts the peoples lives. Chaskielberg would visit these places during the day and later re stage the shots with the people recreating what they where doing early. Chaskielberg gets inside his own photos buy using a long exposure strategically adding flash or torch light to areas in the frame that he see’s fit. The result is an era wonderland of bold colour and shift focus which forefills the brief of story telling by focusing on what matters, the atmosphere, landscape and the people.


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