Gratious photography…worthy subject matter.

Stuart Griffiths has been building up a phenomenal body of work around the subject of ex service personnel returning from war. Griffiths himself an ex para and experienced homeless person is an extraordinarily talented photographer continuously presenting a deeply compelling documentation of current history where most of us have been disinterest to gaze for too long in what seems to be a perpetual war on liberty.

It is a neglected reality that a quarter of British ex-soldiers sleep rough having done their duty they signed up for and were signed to. Speaking to an employee of the homeless charity ‘The Big Issue’ I was told of the statistics of ex military personnel becoming homeless and the root of that being down to the idea that ‘ often homelessness is a result of failure to deal with an traumatic event in ones life’.

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Failure to deal with trauma is a black and white circumstance many ex service personnel have not been equipped to deal with. It seems they have been rather blindly placed in a corner through circumstancementally feeling their way up and down the walls of a dead end trying to get some sense of place to start the process of understanding trauma. This place is what I feel Griffiths is able to capture.

To view more of Griffiths well cared for photographic compositions click on the link to his website below –

Stuarts extraordinary life is the subject of a documentary ‘Isolation’ released last year;


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