War huh what is it good for

…north Korean tourism? Possibly.

So its imminent war again? and whats changed this time…Mr Kim Jung Il is getting older and the argument that he wants to go out with a bang increases. Lee Myung Bak the south Korean president really really wants a war. He came into office and made it his mantra to make relations between the 2 Korea’s worst, though south Korea on the face of it dislike the US yet love’s it at the same time in true Korean cultural fashion…it appears that more than all of the hideous consumerism and plastic surgery that goes on is the love Lee Myung Bak or 2Mega byte (in justest at his brain size) which he has been given by Koreans who like to mock  him…is that mr Bak idolizes the old US premier Bushi…Myuny Bak is so keen to do a Bush that I fear he will be the one to start a war not the north as like the north itself being frozen in the 1950s so is its ability to make war. Its frozen and China along with any other sensible person is in no way wanting to turn the heat up.


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