Curating the unreported world?

‘Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country’ is an award winning documentary directed by Anders Østergaard  which shows insight into the plite of the Burmese people from the cam recorders of 30 or so courage journalist (at the height of the uprising) in one of the most closed off countries in the world which routinely abuses the fundamental rights of its people.

Curating the unreported world, Burma VJ, I’m guessing VJ stands for Video journalism…is an outstanding piece of work which ironically self exists in its subject matter of democracy of which the cause for all that is going on stems from with its lack of democracy. A collective of journalist with their came recorders cover as much of a single event to bring us a rounded balanced view of truth. They edit the footage smuggle it out to Europe where it is composed and then curated for the eyes of the world (with internet access) this is as pure as it gets in the current climate of journalism. The Times online will soon be a paper view news-outlet the nationals have small budgets reluctant to fund journalists in their work to cover such rarely report events and generally its bit of a dome and gloom time for being a photojournalist.

So is this the way forward? the curation of world news? utilizing blogs as first point consumption along with social networking drawing a pictures of the facts from citizen journalism?

Miscellaneous: Ann San Suu Kyi the peoples hope for a democratic life in Burma remains under house arrest and is not allowed to take part in the up an coming election which the military rulers aim to control under new laws.


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