fake invasion! (Russia, Georgia)

Message from my Russian friend living in Georgia;

Thanks for support – it was a made-up prime-time show on Imedi tv. Nothing is true. Stupid joke! They actually said that it was the ‘possible scenario’ before they started showing the ‘report’. People were very afraid and many needed doctors.

Message from my Georgian friend living in Georgia;

I watched it by chance on internet,I didn’t know that it wasn’t true and before I contacted my mother i almost went mad, it was absolutely shocking news, concerning what my family anc country might have gone through I even started crying and was calling my family and they didn’t pick up the phone, it made more nervous and then I contacted my friends and they told me that it wasn’t true. can’t believe that they made it in a way that many people in Georgia and out ot Georgia thought it was true, one woman even died from heart attack, can you imagine.

I am happy that it was just part of Imedi’s imagination and nothing else.

Guardian article – Russia Georgia Fake Invasion

This is what the Russian Enlish speaking news channel RT had to say:


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