Open See – Jim Goldberg

Jim Goldberg

Jim Goldberg is vastly becoming an iconic figure in the world of photojournalism.

His exhibition ‘Open See’, exhibited by ‘The Photographers Gallery’ in London, displays Goldberg’s dexterity and skill to give voice to the voiceless. Using Polaroids, photographs, found images/objects and hand-written texts…creates a fragmented narrative that systematically runs through the issues of the world of immigration, trafficking, war and poverty. Goldberg bears witness to the experience of the people involved in such a world.

The way in-which Goldberg choose to exhibit his work is a lesson is questioning. The dialog going on in each photograph echos through in the whole aesthetic of the body of work which creates and relates the stories that have been told in an direct fashion this images are almost like windows to a world where people need to be heard and Goldberg’s profound hour to this is to show us the voice. Artifacts present in a respectfully conscious without political cause.


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